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                Huaqian ? Intelligent Manufacturing

                The flexible automatic production line meets customers’ demand diversification, efficient, standardized high-quality product order, intelligent production line, process standardization, whole process traceability, the pursuit of high quality.

                Huaqian ? Solutions

                To Provide Professional Customized safe, Reliable, Long Life, Wisdom,and Efficient Green Energy System

                30+ Market Share cove 30%
                10+ Rich Experience in the industry of over 10 years
                60+ Over 60 professional and technical personnel cover all kinds of fields
                20+ Service city for over 20 years

                About us

                Suzhou Huaqian Comtemporary New Energy Co. Ltd which was established in March 2018,is a national-level high-tech enterprise combining with independent research, development, production and sales of lithium ion battery pack.

                We stick to the path of innovation and development, has brought together a group of high-level professional talents with doctor, master's degree, key material in lithium ion battery research and development, the monomer preparation and battery system research and development in areas such as in the domestic leading position. In 2018, the technical team leader was selected as Wujiang district science and technology talents. Company now with the Beijing institute of technology, Harbin industrial university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ministry of electronics five, the Max Planck of well-known universities and research institutes to maintain long-term cooperative relations

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